Personal Coaching

What is Personal Coaching ?

Personal Coaching involves a one-to-one coaching relationship between Geraldine – your Personal Coach and yourself – the Client. The aim of Personal Coaching is to improve professional performance and help you maximize your personal effectiveness and opportunities in your role in the organisation or your life.

Personal Coaching is suitable for people who are open to changing their results in life whether it is at all levels of the organisation from CEO’s, Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders. If you are contemplating a career change, you want to upskill your talents and much more.  It facilitates change and transformation particularly in the areas of Strategic thinking, Improving organisational effectiveness, Developing executive presence, Dealing efficiently with conflict, Improving interpersonal and professional communication, Managing change in the workplace, developing Leadership, buil.ding self-confidence and overcoming fear.

The sessions  are  confidential and are designed to help facilitate the Client professional and personal development to encourage personal growth, self management and improved  performance. We will work together to set your goals for the sessions, develop measures of success and structure of accountability to keep momentum going between sessions.

Geraldine’s experience as a Personal Coach

Geraldine has extensive experience as a Personal Coach and has worked with and facilitated Self-Employed, Leaders, Managers and Teams.  She has also worked with people who wished to return to both education and work after long periods, people who wanted a total career change, people who wanted to become self-employed and many more areas.  She has experienced coaching individuals at all levels in the organisations delivering consistent results with excellent feedback.

What topics could be covered in the sessions?

It will entirely depend on your Goals. During our first session we will discuss your needs and agree on your goals . We will monitor progress and keep them in mind throughout our coaching relationship.

Some examples of topics covered include:

Confidence building, Communication skills, Assertiveness skills, Building Self-esteem and self-worth, Managing conflict and Bullying behaviour in the workplace and conflict resolution, Strengths-based coaching, Change management, Personal effectiveness , Time management, Decision making and Setting  Priorities, Problem Solving, Delegation , Overcoming Public speaking and Presentation Skills,  Stress Management, Values and beliefs setting, Goal setting , Leadership Development to include Leadership, Vision and Purpose, Creativity and Strategic Thinking, Communication, Presentation and Influencing Skills, Change Management and more.

Career building for role progression/ transition, performance management, organisational effectiveness,  enhancing strategic thinking, developing executive presence and personal impact.  Also building strong Leadership Competencies, Personal Effectiveness and Behavioural change.

“Unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is “helping them to learn rather than teaching them,” (Gallwey, 1975)