Mindset Coaching

Geraldine O’Brien delivers presentations in Ireland that empower people to take control of their life and live their dreams.  The fact is that the average individual does not know the cause of their results. And the cause of their results is the Paradigm. If you want to ignite change at the deepest level of your imagination and experience a new level of understanding and awareness that propels the audience into a Paradigm Shift and exponentially better results, then Geraldine will make that happen.

Multiplying Your Personal Effectiveness: Making The Quantum Leap

Do you have a big goal or dream you would like to achieve sooner rather than later? Learn how to make the Quantum Leap and go to a new level of success and achievement quickly and effortlessly by using yourself and your environment in a new and different way. Discovering the power of a big worthy goal and how to create new habits and beliefs in line with the outcomes and results you desire to have in your life.

Diversification in Business: Developing Multiple Sources of Income

Are you getting the results you REALLY want in your business and life? Are you interested in starting or growing a business or generating a second or third source of income to create financial independence and a feeling of freedom and prosperity? Then this is for you! You have many talents, gifts and ideas that are yet to be developed. As you expand your awareness you will see how these discoveries become your greatest opportunities.

Habits, Productivity and Profit: Getting It Done!

Time is the most precious resource we have. Discover how you can easily improve the results you are getting personally and professionally by thinking in a new and different way and boosting your productivity to a new level, without working any harder! You will discover how to close your knowing – doing gaps, shift old paradigms, prioritise activities in your day and enjoy a new level of success and fulfillment in all areas of your life.